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Mediation is an assisted negotiation process in which a third party will help you facilitate the exchange of information between you and the party with whom you have a dispute. During the session, each party will have the opportunity to be heard in a neutral and confidential environment. The mediators will promote a respectful dialogue between the parties with the aim of reaching an appropriate agreement to resolve the dispute.

Mediation allow us:

  • Become a part of decision making.

  • Have more control over your case.

  • Reach an agreement that works for you.

  • It reduces the stress of litigation.

  • Go on with your life!



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We facilitate group dynamics to work on team cohesion and participatory decision making, encouraging creative and collaborative thinking, allowing new ideas and issues to emerge in all phases of planning and organizational development.


We offer among others:

  • Open space

  • World Cafe

  • Restaurative practices



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Negotiating is part of our daily lives, but for any company or organization it becomes an essential part of its success. A good negotiation strategy allows reaching agreements that are beneficial to both parties, capable of strengthening business relationships.


Some examples of negotiation may be:

  • Negotiation with a client about the price and conditions of a sale

  • Negotiate a leave of absence or the moment of the holidays

  • Negotiation of the terms of separation of a partner and organization

  • Negotiation of roles and workload within a team

  • Negotiation of a project term



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We offer customized training in conflict resolution, mediation and communication. Indispensable skills for an efficient, energetic and happy organization.



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